The Theory of Music

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Frequency of Sound Produced by a Musical Instrument:

Every sound produced has a frequency. The more shrill a sound is - higher is the frequency.

On a Keyboard - sounds produced by playing Keys on the left side are low frequency sounds. As you move towards right - higher becomes the frequency.

When a String produces the sound - say in a Spanish-Guitar, more is the thickness of the string - lesser is the frequency. Thus the 6th String of a Guitar when played open has a lower frequency sound than that of the 5th String. The 4th string sound is higher in frequency that the 5th and so on till the 1st string has the highest frequency sound.
Material of the String also has a role. Thus brass strings produce lower frequency sounds as compared to steel ones.
Then on a particular string- longer is the length of the string vibrating - lower is the frequency. And as the length shortens - the frequency increases and the sound becomes shriller or 'Sharper'. On a Spanish-Guitar the length of the string is reduced by pressing the string near the fret so that it vibrates between the fixed bridge on guitar body and the fret.
And then, the more a string is tightened - the more becomes the frequency of the sound produced.

In a wind instrument - greater is the orifice diameter through which sound is produced - lower is the frequency. And higher the wind-pipe dia lower the frequency. Again - more the length of the air column vibrating, lower the frequency. And - higher the velocity with which the air is blown - more is frequency.

In a MouthOrgan (also called Harmonica) - greater the length of the Reed (fixed at one end within the Mouth Organ) vibrating in the hole thro' which air is blown - lower the frequency of sound produced. And as the reed length  vibrating decreases - the frequency of sound produced increases, i.e., the sound produced is sharper.

In a Percussion Instrument, for the same material, greater the diameter lower the frequency. And the more tightening you do of the leather the more becomes the frequency.

Among animals - Lion with his powerful lungs produces low frequency sounds, and, cat mewing produces high frequency sounds.

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