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If you are conversant with the Staff-Notations, i.e., Western Sheet-Music System - we can furnish you the Sheet-Music for any Old, Medieval, New and Latest Hindi Film songs - complete with Interlude Music, Lyrics, Suggested Accompaniment Chords, and Midi-File of Notations of the Notations furnished ( may please note - we don't provide Orchestration or Track-Music-MidiFiles ). Charges are:

US $ 15 / Rs 750 per song without Accompaniment CHORDS,   ( sample-1 )   


US $ 20 / Rs 1000 per song with Accompaniment CHORDS.  ( sample-2 )

[ Midi-File of Notations played is included in the above price ]

Notations shall be delivered by Post / Courier / Email as per OUR choice.

Midi-File will be sent by email.


Samples :

Sheet-Music Example Without Chords :

        Click Here  for Sample Without Chords - title song of "Kaho Na Pyaar Hai".

Example With Chords :

        Click Here  for Sample with Chords - "You Are My Sonia" from KKKG.

Indian National Anthem :

        Click Here  for Sheet-Music of the Indian National Anthem furnished free on this site in CMN-System as well as in Staff-Notations.

For Procedure of ordering - refer Order  page of this site.


If you are conversant with the Indian SARGAM System, for Explanation of the Notations-System and List of songs that can be furnished in our CMN Sargam System - please visit SARGAM page of this site.

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