Indian SARGAM System is a Relative System - you fix Sa at a particular Key and then calibrate other Keys. Sa can be placed on any of the 12 Keys.

Western Music System is an Absolute System - C remains fixed on a particular Key be it a Piano, an Accordion or any other Instrument. Even the Frequency of Sound produced by any Key of any Musical Instrument is fixed. Thus C of an Accordion made in Italy will rhyme with C of a Piano made in Germany.

Because of Standardization done in Western Music System - Hindi Film Music makes full use of it. For providing Notations to different Musicians - Sheet-Music is used so that even if different Musicians practice their parts separately - once they come together, the combined Orchestra will be in Harmony.

Therefore, so far we have been providing Notations in
CMN System which has advantages of both Systems - Standardization of Western, and, Simplicity of Indian System.

Normally we don't furnish Notations in SARGAM System.  One can understand our
CMN System and use the Notations in this System to play the Song on one's Musical Instrument. But if someone is very keen to convert the same to Sa Re Ga Ma - given below is the Conversion with Sa at C-Key.

When Sa is at another key - may please transpose all Swara's accordingly. Please note - if a song is in the Scale of F major or minor - it means 'Sa' is at the Key of F. Like wise if a song is in the scale of G# major/minor - it means 'Sa' is at the key of G#.

Many of our Music Loving Friends have requested for Notations in SARGAM System. Hence we have devised a Notations System based on the Indian SARGAM System as under:

    Sa                    :          S          ( i.e. S in Blue Color )

    Re                    :          R          ( i.e. R in Blue Color )

    Ga                    :          G         ( i.e. G in Blue Color )

    Ma                    :          M         ( i.e. M in Blue Color )

    Pa                    :                  ( i.e. P in Blue Color )   

    Dha                  :          D          ( i.e. D in Blue Color )

    Ni                     :          N          ( i.e. N in Blue Color )

    Re-komal         :          R          ( i.e. R in Green Color )

    Ga-komal         :                  ( i.e. G in Green Color )

    Dha-komal       :         D           ( i.e. D in Green Color )

    Ni-komal          :         N           ( i.e. N in Green Color )

    Ma-teevra        :                   ( i.e. M in Red Color )

    ‘Mandra-Saptak’ Notes shall be indicated with a Dot below as in the Indian SARGAM System.

    ‘Taar-Saptak’ Notes shall be indicated with a Dot above as in the Indian SARGAM System.

    ‘Madhya-Saptak’ Notes shall not have any dot below or above as in the Indian SARGAM System.

    Other Symbols used are as under:

G ~                 :    means prolong playing of the note folloed by this sign.

R                    :    Note underlined to be played momentarily - just touch & move on to the next note.

    SRG  M  P  D  N     :    Notes written in quick succession to be played faster (as compared to written far apart)


Notations shall be written below the Song's Lyrics. Learners are expected to listen to the song they wish to reproduce on their Musical Instrument umpteen times before trying to play the tune on their musical instrument. The Notations shall guide as regards the ‘Sur’ part which they are not able to fathom exactly. But the duration of halt at each note and the style of playing shall be so as to match the original composition. As such detailed Timing bars are not marked in these Notations. After learning to play the melody with the help of our Notations - the learners are advised to practice by playing the melody on their musical instrument simultaneously with the song being played on their audio system. 

Thus if you are more comfortable with this system – we can provide you Notations of your favorites in this System - termed as the

Harmonica (Mouthorgan) players can use Notations in our SARGAM System directly to play the tunes on their Harmonica.


Prices of the Notations in this System are:

For payment thro’ PayPal  =  US $ 20 per song ( may make the payment to ) 

For payment thro’ Banks in India  =  Rs 1000 per song. 


List of Songs that can be furnished in CMN SARGAM System :

We can furnish you the Notations of any old or new Bollywood hit, any Album Song, or Bhajans ( including Art of Living Bhajans ), which you wish to play on your Musical Instrument, in our CMN SARGAM System.

For any queries -  email to:

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