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Dear Music Learners :

If you are fond of Indian Film songs and wish to play New & Old Bollywood Hindi Hits on a KeyBoard or any other Musical Instruments, but, do not know the a b c of “Music”; then you’ve found just the Right Site! We’ll not start by teaching you the “Theory” of music, but, straightaway make you play your favorites on your musical instruments. That slowly and steadily you’ll also acquire knowledge of the various aspects of ‘Music” will be only by-the-way.

To guide Music Lovers to play their favorites on a musical instruments easily, in September 1993 we devised a Simplified Musical Notations System, later naming the same as -  Chitra’s Musical Notations System , and, in January 1996 commenced publishing Notations of Popular melodies in this System with the help of which a large number of Music Lovers have learnt to play their favorites on their musical instruments.

Chitra’s Musical Notations System, in brief, the CMN System, is easy to understand, simple to practise, a blend of Indian 'SARGAM' and Western 'Staff-Notation' Systems and quite scientific. We’ll first explain you the CMN System, and then guide you to play a few lines of Old & New Popular Hits.

  here to understand the CMN System

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